Welcome, Educators!

Now, more than ever, children require effective mathematics instruction. My goal is to provide educators with evidence-based practices in mathematics. 

  • Do students understand the language of math?
  • From professional development to implementation: A school district's account of initiating a mathematics program
  • Girls and STEM: Improved math performance and confidence through intensive word-problem intervention
  • Using your hands to teach math: Examination of the use of gestures during an intensive math intervention
  • What do these words mean? Supporting content-area vocabulary growth
  • Word-problem intervention for students with mathematics difficulty and differential performance favoring females over males

Email: srpowell@austin.utexas.edu

​Twitter: @sarahpowellphd

  • Be precise with math language: Instead of this, say that!

In 2018, my team and I will be presenting:

Evidence-based mathematics resources for educators

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